How to Transform into a Digital Service Provider:
Best Practices & Proven Approaches

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

9:00am – 2:30pm

This workshop is for senior operator/CSP representatives only, if you would like to find out if you are eligible to attend please contact [email protected]

This workshop will centre around three key themes of digital transformation:

  1. Speed – how will digital transformation help me launch new services faster, more cheaper and better?
  2. Customer – how will digital transformation help transform my customer experience, know more about my customer and increase stickiness?
  3. How can digital transformation help me enter new markets and launch new services? What are the new enterprise opportunities?


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

9:00 – 9:20am
Opening Presentation: Creating a Digital Transformation Roadmap – Key considerations
This presentation will introduce the key concepts to consider on your transformation journey as well as the structure and the flow of the workshop. It will set digital transformation in the wider context of the market and will address some of the biggest challenges and opportunities. This presentation will also share the initial findings of the pre-conference survey results.
Barry Graham, Senior Director Agile IT Programme, TM Forum

9:20 – 9:50am
Opening Service Provider Fireside Chat: Understanding how digital transformation can drive innovation in your customer experience to increase ARPU and reduce churn by launching new innovative services
This discussion will address why the customer and the customer experience has to be put at the heart of every digital transformation project. It will explore how digital transformation will allow you to get ahead of your competitors by launching new services, quicker, faster and more efficiently as well as personalising your offering for effectively which will drive up revenues and increase customer stickiness. Digital transformation gives services providers the competitive edge and this case study will detail how a service provider successfully launched new products to markets through their transformation project and the impact it has had on their customer experience.
Hasniza Mohammed, General Manager, Customer Experience & Digital Journey, Telekom Malaysia

9:50 – 10:30am
Interactive Roundtable Workshop: Part One: Addressing the opportunities, challenges and barriers to successful customer transformation. Understanding how digital transformation can transform your customer experience
Following on from the inspiring case study, in this interactive exercise delegates will be split into groups and firstly discuss what the top five opportunities are from a customer experience perspective of digital transformation. Each group will then pitch back their findings to the wider workshop audience.

10:30 – 11:45am
Morning Refreshments

10:45 – 11:05am
Keynote Presentation: Making the leap from CSP to Digital Service Providers & enablers
In this session Netcracker will explore what the future of a CSP looks like, what new services they can offer as well as looking at where the biggest opportunities lie. This presentation will also address the necessary changes that need to be made from an agility, operational and technical standpoint for successful transformation to take place.
Sanjay Mewada, Chief Strategy Officer, Netcracker  

11:05 – 11:45am
Interactive Roundtable Workshop: Part Two: Addressing the opportunities, challenges and barriers to successful customer transformation. Putting customer centric digital strategies into action
Part two of the roundtable discussion will centre around the challenges and barriers to successful transformation form a customer perspective. Delegates will again work in groups to identify the major challenges and barriers as well as coming up with practical and actionable solutions to how these challenges and barriers can be overcome. Each group will then pitch back their findings to the wider workshop audience.

11:45am – 12:45pm
Demo: Digital transformation in action
This session will bring digital transformation to live through a series of demos which shows the power of digital transformation technologies and digital products.
Ari Banerjee, Vice President, Strategy, Netcracker

12:45 – 1:30pm
Networking Luncheon

1:30 – 2:20pm
Interactive Roundtable Workshop: Part Three: The need for speed. Addressing how digital transformation will help service providers launch new services faster, cheaper and more efficiently
This roundtable workshop & discussion will be centred around the need for speed. In order for service providers to effectively compete in the digital world, they need to move from a NetOps to a DevOps approach and be able to launch new services in a matter of hours, day or weeks – not the development and release time of months or years that service providers are traditionally used to. Digital transformation puts the agility into IT operations and allows for the decoupling of capabilities, creating an flexible architecture which allows for the deployment of microservices and quicker to market launch times for new services. The interactive exercise will be firstly look at the opportunities that digital transformation has on IT and operations before addressing the challenges and barriers to transformation and how to overcome them. Delegates will work in groups before pitching back their findings to the wider workshop audience.

2:20 – 2:30pm
Moderator wrap and close
In this session the moderation will wrap up the workshop by recapping the outcomes and actions as well as ask the audience if they could change one thing within their company that that would fundamentally move the dial when it comes to digital transformation, what would it be?