Explore the transformative power of AI and discover how your company can adopt and benefit from AI technologies

AI has been applied in telecoms for years, however, with the arrival of IoT and 5G, the deployment of AI becomes critical for operators. The convergence of AI, analytics, IoT and 5G will allow operators to process and analyze massive data sets, leading to new insights, innovative ways to engage with customers and more confident decision making.

AI Live! will explore the transformational power of AI. Through case studies and panel discussions, delegates will be able to learn what it takes to get started with AI, how to make it work and how to create value from AI. Speakers from both the telecoms industry and other industry sectors will provide practical insights on how they are applying AI technologies to different areas of their business, highlighting lesson learned, results and value add achieved.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • What is artificial intelligence and what is its transformative potential for operators?
  • How can AI and machine learning be leveraged to drive digital transformation?
  • How can operators get started with AI?
  • How do you demonstrate value and tangible RoI from your AI investments?
  • How can AI technologies maximize improvements in operations?
  • What is required to implement AI in your organization?
  • In which areas of their business are operators deploying AI technologies?
  • How are other industry verticals leveraging AI technologies?

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain an understanding of how operators and other industry sectors are tapping into the potential of AI technologies
  • Find out how different AI technologies are used in different business areas and departments
  • Discover what is required to successfully apply AI in your business, including the necessary foundational technologies, organization and process innovation as well as employee skills
  • Network with fellow AI, analytics and data professionals from across Asia and beyond
  • Learn how TM Forum is supporting operators in their efforts to implement AI technologies

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