The Role of 5G in IoE Market Enablement and Development

Communications Service Providers are grappling with the challenge of tapping in to the trillion-dollar IoE market.  With short IoE product lifecycles due to rapid innovation and an almost limitless number of different verticals, CSPs will need to cross-sell in totally different industries, and make rapid market decisions to keep up with the pace.

IoE Monetization & Management Live! continues to address the challenges of the design and development of new technologies and business models. It also delves into the crucial role IoE and 5G management plays in the development of smart cities, and the continuing role of the communications services provider as the service integrator.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • Will differing technologies and lack of harmonized standards constitute a barrier to adoption, and how can this be resolved?
  • How can AI and machine learning be leveraged to drive digital transformation?
  • What is missing to deliver the promises of speed, ultra-low latency and super scalability of 5G?
  • The 5G business case – what services will it enable/facilitate?
  • Does 5G necessarily imply network slicing? What are the benefits and challenges?
  • Who defines and creates the slices and which bodies will regulate them for various verticals?
  • How will 5G and LPWAN be used concurrently to optimize the IoE marketplace?
  • What are the challenges of integrating IoE devices with the cloud?
  • How does the cloud facilitate analytics and AI, and how does this tie into IoE?

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain insights into the collaborative work carried out by TM Forum and its members in the IoE space – achievements to date and future ambitions
  • Network with senior IoE specialists from leading operators
  • Discover how other industry sectors are addressing the challenges
  • Explore new business models defined by deeper collaboration between operators and vendors, and how to maintain control in such environments
  • Learn how to successfully design, implement, operate and monetize digital services with partners in a complex value fabric
  • Build an IoE platform to cater to all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners, developers…

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